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First Maid Cleaning Services is approved by Dubai Municipality. Pest control is the process of managing, suppressing, preventing and in some cases a complete eradication of nuisance organisms (Pests), such as insects, rodents, and other animals, from causing damage to human properties buildings, food, crops and other areas.

  • Pests like cockroaches can trigger many asthma and allergy symptoms along with food contamination.
  • Bed bug infestation can cause skin irritation and rashes. Along with that, they can disturb our sleep balance and cause negative mental health effects.
  • Harmful bites and stings
  • Itchiness and discomfort
  • The bites of some rodents/rats may lead to diseases like Leptospirosis and
  • Mosquitoes are the main cause of spreading various life-threatening diseases like the West Nile virus, dengue, and malaria among the public.

Our Pest Control Services

  • Cockroach control both Gel baiting and spraying
  • Termites control including pre construction and post construction
  • Bedbugs Control (spraying, dusting etc.)
  • Spiders Control
  • Lizards/gecko Control by baiting and trapping
  • Rodents Control (including Rats, House mouse, Roof rat etc.), by trapping, poison baiting, Rodent Bait Station Installation etc.
  • House flies Control (Baiting, Spraying)
  • Mosquitoes and Midges Control
  • Drain flies Control
  • Fruit flies Control
  • Wasps and Honey Bees Control/Removal
  • Moths Control
  • Birds Control including Birds spikes installation, Netting, Nest removal, etc.
  • Ants control (Gel baiting, spraying, etc.)
  • Centipedes control
  • Millipedes control
  • Beetles control
  • Snakes Control (Repellent, physical removal. Trapping etc.)
  • Scorpion Control
Pest Control

Common Pest Control

Pest Control

Cockroach Control

Cockroach control in Dubai is expertly dealing with the problem of a cockroach infestation. It is dealt with measures that not only help to kill the cockroaches but also keep them away from the kitchens, store rooms and bathrooms. The experts have given methods to keep a check inside and outside the home to keep the pests away and refrain them from coming near homes. If not taken care of the cockroaches can spread disease mostly of gastrointestinal in nature and can become serious if not treated on time.

Pest Control

Spiders Control

There are some places in the UAE where too many spiders are present within the premises of home or buildings. People used to have spider phobias due to which they immediately want to exterminate them from their surroundings. First Maid Cleaning Services is here to help you in getting rid of these spiders, we have experienced and well-trained technicians to help you get rid of spiders permanently.

Pest Control

Termites Control

Termites are a problem that creates a major catastrophe for furniture or items made of wood. Termite control in Dubai provides services that help to remove termites from your homes once and for all. They simply eat the core of the wood which is dangerous for any frame of the furniture and it becomes hollow and loses shape. Termites have a king and a queen that lays 2000 eggs per day and soldier and worker termites that help to damage wood and things made of wood. Termites not only damage furniture but also destroy wood flooring, door frames, and everything made out of wood. They are tiny crawling insects that live in bunches and make a pathway on the item of wood they are destroying.

Pest Control

Rodents Control

Rodents or rats are found where there is a food source available for their survival. The houses that have food waste lying near backyards and front yards invite rats to make a living. Rodent control in Dubai helps to provide professional services to get rid of rodents. An infestation of rats causes a series of problems for households and causes a series of diseases that are a major health concern for humans. Rats are not only disease carriers but also create unhygienic conditions because of their droppings, urine, and fur loss. They also nibble on food bits lying uncovered in kitchens and rooms. The infestation of rats is shown clearly in the form of a foul smell and droppings lying around areas of food.

Why Pest Control is necessary?

To protect you and your family from some of the common pests like ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, and rats, First Maid Cleaning Services offers various pest control services. We only list professional, qualified, and licensed companies to provide you with safe treatments for pest control.

Is your personal space being invaded by pests? Avoid them from dominating and choose First Maid Cleaning Services to offer you the best pest control services in Dubai, UAE. We understand the significance of a pest-free home, and hence, we do our best to provide homeowners like you with the best possible services.

Our Comprehensive Pest Control Services

Cockroaches, bed bugs, termites, rats, and mosquitoes can be the reasons why your home will be destroyed and your family’s health will be in danger. That’s the reason why we provide a wide range of pest control services in UAE that are customized to your specific requirements. It includes:

? Cockroaches Pest Control Services

Cockroaches are not just a nuisance; in addition, they can contaminate food and cause allergies. Our cockroaches pest control services in Dubai use a mixture of baits, insecticides, and exclusion methods. We use environmentally friendly methods to eliminate these pests from your home, thus making your home a cockroach-free zone.

? Bed Bugs Pest Control Services

Bed bugs are the worst thing for any homeowner, as they lead to itchy bites and sleepless nights. Our bed bugs pest control services in Dubai include inspections, targeted treatments and follow-up visits. We leverage the latest methods to get rid of these annoying pests, so you can sleep peacefully.

? Termite Pest Control Services

Termites can covertly destroy your house’s structure and, hence, the strength of the whole house. Our termite pest control services in Dubai use the latest methods and products to detect and get rid of termite infestations. Besides, we also provide preventive measures to safeguard your house from future termite attacks.

? Rat Pest Control Services

Rats are a health hazard because they can carry diseases and infect food sources. We offer rat pest control services in Dubai that consist of finding the entry points, blocking the access points, and using humane trapping methods. Our professionals make sure these uninvited visitors are taken away from your house safely and effectively.

? Mosquito Control Fogging Service

Mosquitoes are not only a bother; they can also be the cause of diseases. Our mosquito control fogging service in Dubai establishes a shield around your outdoor setting. Get your backyard back with no more swatting and itching, while at the same time, you are protected from mosquito-borne diseases.

Why Choose First Maid Cleaning Services?

At First Maid Cleaning Services, our professional team is well-versed and skilled in the pest control field. We use the latest methods and products to provide professional pest control service in UAE. Plus, we make sure that our pest control experts are well-trained in their specializations so that they can successfully execute the services.

We understand that every home and pest situation is different and has its peculiarities. This is why our skilled experts take the time to tailor your requirements. We create tailored plans that will help you deal with your pest control problems in a way that is both effective and efficient.

The well-being of our clients and their families is our priority. We employ only EPA-approved and eco-friendly products. Thus, you will be sure that your loved ones and the environment are not affected. Our devotion to customer satisfaction is well known, and we are determined to fulfil your expectations with every service we offer.

Our cockroach pest control services and rat pest control services in Dubai are specifically appreciated by the residents. Working with us is an option that we privilege in giving you budget-friendly plans that won’t put a financial strain on you.

Contact Us for a Pest-Free Home!

Professional pest control service in UAE is not only important for the removal of active pest problems but also for the implementation of preventive measures to stop future infestations before they occur.

Through the use of pest control services, homeowners and businesses can protect their spaces, their health, and their properties from pest damage and create a cleaner, healthier environment.

Don’t allow pests to be the masters of your home. If you want to schedule a consultation, reach out to us today and our friendly staff is ready to answer your questions and design a customized plan to deal with your unique pest control needs. Get rid of your home and live a pest-free life with our professional pest control service in UAE.

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