Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning is more thorough and takes longer to complete. It’s designed to remove deep dirt such as limescale from your surfaces.
If you’re looking for that extra cleaning for your home or office, our Deep Cleaning service is designed to get all the hidden grit and germs out of your home.


There are different types of deep Cleaning.

Deep Cleaning


Among all the rooms in the house, the kitchen has the most soulful place. It's true that cooking can cause a mess in the kitchen. Untidy kitchens may bother you. The kitchen is where you prepare food for your family and guests. In the kitchen, we prepare food, store it, and sometimes serve it. Therefore, it is to keep your kitchen clean at all times. Sit Back and Relax, we will do it for you.

Deep Cleaning


The bedroom is the region you unwind after an extended day at paintings and merits being fresh, clean, and hygienic. At Plus Point, we make sure that we will provide immaculate cleaning of the bedroom. From the home equipment to switchboards, lights, floors, windows, or even the mirrors; We go away with no stone unturned to present you with the right cleansing; leaving the surfaces glittering like new.

Deep Cleaning


Plus Point offers comprehensive bathroom deep cleaning that does not harm the pipes and can be used for plastic hoses to resolve many problems in the cleansing of the family floor. Eliminate odors, and smash down dirt, bacteria, and germs.

Deep Cleaning

Villas External Cleaning

The warm and sultry climate in UAE may be very tough for the exteriors of your home. Deep cleaning is mandatory to move away from all visible dirt & dust Etc.


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