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Kitchen are the most important and vital areas of any property, be it a home, restaurant or even office spaces.  It harbours all the food we ingest and most importantly store life nourishing items.

Kitchens also attract the greatest number of bacteria and viruses due to continuous activity and hosting several appliances like cookers, microwaves or utensils which over a period of time accumulate the aforementioned.

What’s included in Kitchen deep cleaning?

  • Dust and wipe all accessible surfaces
  • Cleaning of kitchen sink and wet surfaces
  • Vacuum and clean all floor surfaces
  • Internal & external window cleaning
  • Clean exterior of cabinets and cupboards
  • Take out garbage and trash bins
Kitchen Deep Cleaning

First Maid Cleaning Services provides professional kitchen deep cleaning in UAE. It will make your kitchen shine bright and free of dirt, grime, and grease.

Through years of experience, our cleaning experts use the latest cleaning methods and equipment to deep clean your kitchen. On top of that, we also provide a huge list of other services, including the cleaning of appliances, cabinets, and floors.

Why Choose Our Kitchen Deep Cleaning Services?

Some of the many reasons for choosing First Maid Cleaning Services’s professional kitchen deep cleaning services are:

? We will deep clean everything, from your cabinets and countertops to your appliances and floors.

? We only use pet and family-friendly, non-toxic cleaning supplies.

? Our cleaners are well-trained experts at cleaning kitchens.

? We offer a flexible schedule to adjust to your busy schedule.

? For our deep cleaning jobs, we charge low prices.

How Do We Assist You?

At First Maid Cleaning Services, our team of cleaning specialists offers a variety of professional kitchen deep cleaning services. We’ll assist you with:

? Getting rid of all the grease, grime, and dirt from your cabinets and countertops.

? Cleaning your stove, oven, refrigerator, dishwasher and microwave.

? Vacuuming and sanitizing your floors.

? Cleaning the inside and outside of your windows and doors.

? Getting rid of dust and cobwebs from your light fixtures.

? Removing dust and grease from your vents and exhaust fans.

? Making your trash cans clean and disinfected.

? Removing all baked-on food and grease from your oven.

? Removing all spills and stains from your refrigerator.

? Removing all hard water stains and mineral deposits from your dishwasher.

We are 100% sure that you will be happy with our excellent services for kitchen deep cleaning in Dubai, UAE. Selecting our services turns your kitchen into an exquisite space filled with positivity and cleanliness. What are you still waiting for? Book our kitchen deep cleaning service today!


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